Wednesday, July 6, 2011

La Fuerza del Destino capitulo 82

hello friend, how are you today? hopefully you are in good shape and healthy. if you've watched the show and the new telenovela La Fuerza del Destino capitulo 82? today telenovela La Fuerza del Destino capitulo 82 .

synopsis La Fuerza del Destino capitulo 82
Cleto warns Lucia,Camilo and Ivan. She decides to go with Carolina, Buck says his place is with him, reproached Lucia and Camilo selfishness and fears that Lucia is going with Ivan.Arcelia called Anthony, who decides to take care of everything and take Caroline to the capital.

Anthony convinces Lucia that accompany with Carolina.Lucia thinks it's a good idea, because his life has become hell, and has had enough. Camilo yells that ever going to divorce, shouts against Gloria insists that if going to seek custody of the child and will say she cheated on him with Ivan.

Lucrecia runs from the house Maripaz, while Charlotte tells Lucy that should use this to ask for a divorce Buck. Lucy is depressed and just want Camilo Ivan and left alone.Ivan communicates to Arcelia and Antolin already requested an expert to see that someone forced the lock of the apartment and stole the gun.

Arcelia tells Camillo that she know the murderer of Gerardo was El Gordo. Antolin is opposed to report it to him or Saul, as they betray Carmen.ivan informs the judge thinks Antolin forced the lock to protect themselves. The motive is money needed for the operation Antolin Carolina.


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