Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dos Hogares Capitulo 2

hello friend, how are you today? hopefully you are in good shape and healthy. if you've watched the show and the new telenovela capitulo dos hogares? today telenovela capitulo dos hogares already capitulo 2.

synopsis dos hogares capitulo 2
Santiago (Carlos Ponce) prepared in a cinema, a video that you want to make Angelica (Anahí) to ask her to marry him, but the video is rigged and are the scenes where he is with Jennifer (Malillany Marin) bare , which makes her feel offended.

Santiago convinces her that it was a trap and Angelica forgiving, when they recall how they met.

Meanwhile, Armando Garza (Alfredo Adame), business tycoon and father of Jennifer, wants to overthrow his partner Ricardo Valtierra (Sergio Goyri) to take over your business and begin to join forces with other partners, including Patricia (Olivia Collins), who is in love with Ricardo and will not betray him.

On the other hand, Christopher Lagos (Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo) is a man of many personalities, along with his friend Eleazar (Carlos Bonavides) goes to the city of San Antonio, Texas, plans scheming to defraud investors with a shell company, while the Christopher's wife and two children, believe that it works hard to maintain.

Later in the gym, Jennifer flirts with George (brother of Angelica), who pretends to be an instructor.

Patricia will talk to Jennifer is furious because he forgave Angelica Santiago.

Will they prevent them from reaching the altar?