Monday, May 30, 2011

La Reina Del Sur Capitulo 64

Teresa Veronica knows nothing and does not sit well - Avance La Reina Del Sur 64 Online will be broadcast May 2011. Have you watched the previous chapter?? if not yet, i suggest you to see it so as not to be confused to follow the chapter this time.

Synopsis La Reina Del Sur Capitulo 64
For Teresa (Kate del Castillo) was inevitable to think Guero (Rafael Amaya) and Santiago (Iván Sánchez) while having relations with Matt (Miguel de Miguel), these two great and faithful love it they can not be easily pulled out.

After making love with him, Matt asks him a very gentlemanly and intelligent that he felt that his mind was not there, but with his memories, Teresa loves to be that way Teo calculator.

On the other hand, Yasikov (Alberto Jiménez) is very concerned about the conduct of Paty (Cristina Urgel), she feared that Theresa is in danger, and now more than he realized he is busy with the new friends 'Guadalupe Romero' who is actually a DEA agent.

Later, Paty takes Veronica to the hotel room where he is staying with Teresa, it does not sit well with Vero, Paty is presented as "Teresa two?.

The next day sober, Paty looking for Veronica to return the bag and takes the opportunity to apologize for the way they behaved.

Flores arrives unexpectedly at the office of Yasikov.

Will there come to stop it?


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